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Buddy Boeheim Punches Florida State's Wyatt Wilkes During ACC Tournament

Liam McKeone
Buddy Boeheim punches Wyatt Wilkes
Buddy Boeheim punches Wyatt Wilkes /

Syracuse and Florida State tipped off at noon on Wednesday in the second round of the ACC Tournament. The Orange got off to a hot start in the first half, quickly building a double-digit lead in the first 10 minutes. Then Buddy Boeheim inexplicably punched Florida State forward Wyatt Wilkes in the chest underneath the basket on a made Syracuse shot. It was very weird.

The play was not reviewed.

It was a really bizarre sequence. Syracuse was cruising and the game wasn't chippy at all. Both teams were playing hard, sure. It's an important time of year. But there was nothing shown during the broadcast that would suggest Boeheim was taking a revenge shot at Wilkes for anything previously.

Very strange indeed.