Bucs Social Media Team Now Just Rubbing Tom Brady's QB Handshakes in Nick Foles' Face

Tom Brady
Tom Brady / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Tom Brady made headlines a couple of weeks ago when he spurned Nick Foles by running to the locker room instead of meeting at midfield for the traditional quarterback handshake and photo op after their game. The generally accepted excuse was that Brady was just following coronavirus protocols, but as Kyle Brandt pointed out, Brady then dapped up Aaron Rodgers last week, and had done the same with Drew Brees and Justin Herbert earlier this year.

So this is officially a thing. And now the Buccaneers social media team is getting in on this by posting this Tweet on Sunday after the Bucs beat the Raiders.

There is just no denying that Brady ignored Foles because of a personal reason. The fact that there is now team-sponsored taunting of this fact seems kind of cruel. I'm sure Foles has enough on his plate to worry about that right now, but at some point, he's got to ask, "Why you been acting so messed up towards me?"