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Cam Akers' Fumble Became a Very Bad Beat

Kyle Koster
Cam Akers fumble
Cam Akers fumble /

The Los Angeles Rams blitzed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and enjoyed a 20-3 lead in the final minute of the first half. They appeared well on their way to basking in a 20- or 24-point lead, situated a few yards from the goal-line with less than 30 seconds to go and perilously close to breaking the home team's back. All of this was good news to first-half over bettors, who simply had to avoid something disastrous and unexpected happening. Which it did because it always does.

Rams running back Cam Akers coughed up the football a few feet from paydirt to leave the total at 23, a half-point or full point below the line depending on your market.

Crushing. At least to very specific gamblers. Potentially crushing to Los Angeles, too, because one simply does not give Tom Brady any sliver of hope headed into halftime.

Potential turning point? Heck yes. Already devastating turning point to some gamblers? Also yes.