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Scotty Miller Accused of Fumbling Chris Godwin's Phone Into the Water

Kyle Koster

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are having a good time, which is a nice change of pace for 2021. They've assembled to party on the Hillsborough River with adoring fans and perhaps a few adult libations or three. As tends to happen about mid-afternoon on championship parade days, things have gotten extremely loose and conversational. Any good ball coach knows that when that happens, the first thing to slip is the focus on ball security.

So perhaps it's no surprise that speed demon Scotty Miller was stricken with a case of the dropsies while holding fellow receiver Chris Godwin's phone. Or at least that's the allegation. This could all be a long con to get free equipment and services from Verizon. And that's fine too because you can never have too much money for SWAG.

The Buccaneers wideouts were on their game in Super Bowl LV while the Chiefs unit had a forgettable night. On the other hand, Kansas City's corps likely still all have working phones. You win some, you lose some.