Tampa Bay Buccaneers' New Uniforms Came With a Disclaimer

Kyle Koster

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiling their new uniforms at 1 p.m. is actually an event I put a reminder in my calendar this morning if you want a window into how bleak it is out there. And unveil them they did.

Saying goodbye to those heinous alarm clock numbers was a wise move, as is the embrace of pewter. It would have been incredible if the Buccaneers had gone back to the creamsicles sported by the lovable losing franchise for years, but that didn't seem all that realistic.

People tend to hate everything new, but the early returns on these are mostly favorable.

This is all moderately interesting, yet not terrible interesting. Even if you realize the Bucs look a lot like the Texans and Falcons now, that's not much juice to carry you through the afternoon.

But noticing that Chris Godwin is wearing a No. 12 jersey in the video? Well, that's worthy of a mild eyebrow raise. There just wasn't time for a reshoot. It wasn't important enough for Tom Brady to pony up the money to fix in post.

What does this all mean? Can we read further into it to get even more intrigue on the back end?

Anyway, the Buccaneers have new uniforms.