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Detroit Market Audio Disappears During Buccaneers-Lions Slaughter

Kyle Koster
Leon Halip/Getty Images

Many people in Michigan ignored years of painful lessons and opted to willingly tune their televisions to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Detroit Lions game this afternoon. They were treated to perhaps the sorriest of countless sorry performances by the home team, which allowed Tom Brady to throw for 348 first-half yards and then made Blaine Gabbert look like Matt Flynn in a Green Bay Packers uniform.

With the score 47-7 Bucs in the final third of the third quarter, NFL Network's booth audio went out completely throughout Michigan. All anyone could hear was the awful fake crowd noise and when the officials jumped on to announce a penalty. Gone were Adam Amin and Mark Schlereth, who had previously been doing yeoman's work to keep viewers engaged.

I mentioned this in the work Slack and was treated as if I were hallucinating. Thankfully, my fellow Michiganians were there to confirm.

The issue had been resolved by the time the fourth quarter resumed, leaving little drama left to unpack — save for the very-much-in-doubt over/under.