Antonio Brown Punched a Titans Cornerback in the Face During Joint Practice

Stephen Douglas
Antonio Brown during the preseason.
Antonio Brown during the preseason. / Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Antonio Brown is back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a second season. His first year catching passes from Tom Brady ended with a Super Bowl after he joined the team in October. This year he's there for his first training camp which included a joint practice with the Tennessee Titans today. At one point Brown got tangled up with Titans second year cornerback Chris Jackson and at least one punch was thrown and landed by Brown.

Unfortunately (unbelievably?) no video exists of this altercation or the trash talk that led to it. Thankfully there were some very nice pictures taken, especially the one by The Tennesseean's George Walker that showed Brown landing a left that gave Jackson a #punchface.

If you're wondering how the Bucs feel about Brown getting into a fistfight during practice, well, Bruce Arians didn't see it so don't worry about it.

Apparently there were at least three other fights between the teams today so it is unclear what Arians was doing all day.