Milwaukee Bucks Debut 'Hand Sanitizer Cam' and In-Arena Entertainment Will Never Be the Same

Stephen Douglas
The MIlwaukee Bucks Hand Sanitizer Cam is something else.
The MIlwaukee Bucks Hand Sanitizer Cam is something else. /

NBA teams around the country are slowly welcoming fans back to their arenas to cheer for their favorite teams. A lot has changed since fans left arenas a year ago. Masks and hand sanitizer have become a big part of our lives. The Milwaukee Bucks just brought fans back a few weeks ago so they're still just debuting all their new in-game fan experience entertainment stuff. Like the Hand Sanitizer Cam. Yes. The Hand Sanitizer Cam.

When I first saw someone post one of these, I thought it might be fake, but no. The Hand Sanitizer Cam is real and it is... weird. People on Twitter seem to agree this is a bit much. It is somehow less problematic and more disturbing than the KissCam.

Of all the innovation and medical and technological breakthroughs we have seen over the last year, the Milwaukee Bucks Hand Sanitzier Cam may stand above them all when it is all said and done. Just don't do this when the team is wearing their Cream City jerseys.