Milwaukee Bucks City Edition Jerseys Have People Wondering If Alice Cooper Lied in 'Wayne's World'

Stephen Douglas
Alice Cooper in 'Wayne's World'
Alice Cooper in 'Wayne's World' /

The Milwaukee Bucks unveiled their new City Edition jerseys for the 2020-2021 season. The tweet introducing the new fit says that the jerseys were inspired by Milwaukee's meaning as "the gathering place by the water."

Well, now hold on just a second Bucks. In Wayne's World, Alice Cooper taught an entire generation that Mee-lee-wah-kay means "the good land."

This was not lost on Twitter where most Wayne's World fans currently spend their days.

So which is it? According to Wikipedia (which cites books and other more official things), it's both.

"The name "Milwaukee" comes from an Algonquian word millioke, meaning "good", "beautiful" and "pleasant land" ... or gathering place [by the water]""

So the Bucks and Alice Cooper can both be right, and I think that's important. Less reassuring is the third meaning that comes from another Algonquin language.

"The name has a less pleasant connotation in the Menominee language, where it is called Māēnāēwah, "some misfortune happens"."

That does not bode well for keeping Giannis. However, if he does sign a new deal to stay in Wisconsin fans will be able to say, "We're not worthy!"