Bucks Pick MarJon Beauchamp Provided the Most Emotional Moment of the 2022 NBA Draft

Stephen Douglas
2022 NBA Draft
2022 NBA Draft / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

MarJon Beauchamp was arguably the most heart-warming pick of the 2022 NBA Draft. Beauchamp broke into tears after he was picked by the Milwaukee Bucks with the 24th pick in the first round. A dream come true, obviously, but Beauchamp had a notable road to the NBA by even the most feature-worthy standards.

Beauchamp was still emotional by the time he sat down with Monica McNutt.

Beauchamp attended four high schools in four years and then decided to train for the 2021 Draft instead of attend college, but the pandemic derailed those plans and he nearly quit playing basketball. He ended up playing 12 games for Yakima Valley College, a community college near his hometown in Washington, before joining the G-League Ignite where he really turned some heads.

Now he's in the best possible position to learn and grow as a player. Especially for someone who appears to care so much. It will be interesting to watch.