Bryson DeChambeau Trolls Tom Brady For Ripping His Pants During 'The Match'

Capital One's The Match
Capital One's The Match / Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Bryson DeChambeau is trying to get in Tom Brady's head during "The Match" on Tuesday. DeChambeau and teammate Aaron Rodgers were looking for any advantage they could get over opponents Brady and Phil Mickelson. This tactic involved duct tape.

During the second edition of "The Match" in May 2020, Brady ripped his pants right down the crack. It was an embarrassing moment during a tough loss, as Brady and Mickelson were defeated by Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning.

On Tuesday, DeChambeau apparently got ahead of things and make sure Brady was all set if it happened again:

All's fair in competitive golf matches for charity.

That said, DeChambeau should watch himself. After Brady took a lot of grief last year, he wound up hitting the shot of the day:

Through four holes, the match is all square.