Bryson DeChambeau is Enormous Now

Kyle Koster
Arnold Palmer Invitational Presented By MasterCard - Final Round
Arnold Palmer Invitational Presented By MasterCard - Final Round / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Bryson DeChambeau is one of the more intriguing players on the PGA Tour because he embraces an analytical approach that takes forever to materialize and doesn't seem particularly concerned with the blowback he receives for forging his own path. His latest science experiment is his body, which once checked in at 195 pounds.

Like Mac from Always Sunny, Bryson has been committed to accumulating mass. He checked in at 239 pounds in late April with no intention of slowing down. The man looks like he eats every one of his 11 daily meals underneath a Smith machine.

DeChambeau strode to No. 10 this morning at the Charles Schwab Challenge looking like a linebacker prospect from Clemson.

Look at the size of that lad. Genuinely impressive.

It remains to be scene how big is too big for a golfer but the habitual norm-challenger shows no signs of letting up. One has to think that, if he wanted to, he could put together a regime that brought him to the brink of three bills.

So far, the bulk appears to be working.