Bryson DeChambeau Had Some Fun and Videobombed Brooks Koepka and Todd Lewis Again

Bryson DeChambeau bombed a Brooks Koepka interview.
Bryson DeChambeau bombed a Brooks Koepka interview. /

Eleven players scored below par during the first round of the US Open at Torrey Pines on Thursday. One of them was Brooks Koepka, who shot a 2-under 69 and finished day one tied for fifth. After his round he spoke with Todd Lewis of the Golf Channel. Right before the interview, as if scripted by Christopher Nolan, Adam McKay, or maybe even God himself, Bryson DeChambeau passed by in the background. Again.

DeChambeau, the defending tournament champion who was on his way to a 2-over 73, walked by as cameras were rolling and had some fun with it this time. This time it was an intentional videobomb and movement rarely seen on a golf course: jumping.

Bryson DeChambeau rejoices.
Bryson DeChambeau rejoices. /

Seriously, who wrote this? Even their unintentional reactions are perfect.

Todd Lewis and Brooks Koepka
Todd Lewis and Brooks Koepka /

Good for DeChambeau. He's been getting heckled while Koepka has turned it into an endorsement opportunity. You have to wonder if Koepka will kind of respected this burst of humanity from his rival. Perhaps this is how the healing begins?

If DeChambeau can turn things around on Friday, maybe we'll get to see these two play together this weekend. He won't be able to say no then.