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Is Bryce Young the Next Aaron Rodgers?

Kyle Koster
2021 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama
2021 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Get Up dissected the Heisman Trophy race leading up to Saturday's award presentation in New York City. Dan Orlovsky had previously mentioned that Bryce Young, a safe bet to be left hoisting the most famous individual honor in sports, reminds him a bit of Aaron Rodgers. Which is the highest of praise. And downright bewildering to Domonique Foxworth, who offered a rebuttal.

Young was incredible for Alabama. His 97-yard, season-saving drive against Auburn in the Iron Bowl was his Heisman moment. If forced to chose, I'd pick his NFL future over Tua Tagovailoa's right now. But perhaps not Mac Jones, if you're scoring Crimson Tide quarterbacks at home

Putting together a body of work that, by 2040, looks like Rodgers' would be a stunning accomplishment. Not necessarily because Young isn't capable. Because few at the position have ever played it with such artistry and mastery.

Comps are hard and more often than not don't age well. Young would probably benefit from a realistic ceiling as opposed to one on par with the Sistine Chapel. Though, there's an argument to be made that getting the experience as CEO of college football's most professional team is tremendous training. More often than not, Nick Saban's elite quarterback recruits have acclimated quite nicely to the NFL within a few years. Expect Young to do the same even if he never reached All-Pro status.

Few do.