Bryce Harper Shuts a Heckler the Hell Up

Kyle Koster

Someone paid good money to sit very close to the field for last night’s Phillies-Giants tilt and chose to exercise their First Amendment right to heckle an elite athlete. Bryce Harper, hearing the traditional but still effective refrain of oh-ver-ated, offered a rebuttal with his bat in the form of a majestic home run.

I’m sorry, but if you’re the loudmouth who gets shut up, you need to leave the facility. This may be the toxic masculinity speaking: it’s tough to think of a more humbling incident than watching someone blast a tape-measure dinger just to spite you.

Harper, who hit two longballs in the 9-6 victory, should be applauded for making it clear to everyone that he heard the chant and took great pleasure in making it stop. It’s always helpful when someone points out the sad clown.

It’s a shame there wasn’t a reverse angle so we could have seen the look on the heckler’s face as our hero circled the bases. A picture sometimes truly is worth 1,000 words.