Bryce Harper Remains Swole, Jacked, Huge and Very, Very Strong

By Mike Cardillo
Bryce Harper And Kris Bryant Receive Keys To The City Of Las Vegas
Bryce Harper And Kris Bryant Receive Keys To The City Of Las Vegas / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

If pulling 550 pounds across 30 yards via a rope were an easily translatable skill from the gym to the baseball diamond, well, Bryce Harper would be the surefire No. 1 overall pick in your upcoming fantasy baseball draft. Seriously, that’s some ridiculous strength exhibited by the Nationals outfielder, whom we last saw (in uniform) last October crushing balls into McCovey Cove.

Being an offseason workout freak is one thing and nobody is questioning Harper’s commitment level, but there are a lot of expectations on the Nationals going into 2015. Harper — who’s still just 22 years old — isn’t the only reason for the World Series talk. This will be his fourth season in the Majors and each year he’s managed to play in less games than the previous season due to varying injuries. In his 2012 Rookie of the Year campaign he played in 139 games. Last year he was down to 100.

Here’s hoping he’s is healthy and “puts it all together” because 150+ games of Harper at his best would be a lot of fun to watch. Assuming you’re not a Mets or Phillies fan.

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