Bryce Harper Looks All Sorts of Jacked


Bryce Harper claimed he was going to arrive at Nationals camp this spring, “as big as a house.” As the offseason continued the Nationals third-year star outfielder claimed he was putting on weight, but not “sloppy weight.” 

It doesn’t look like Harper was lying based on the picture (via 106.7 the Fan) above — or maybe it’s just an extra-medium t-shirt. Before you start mentioning the “S” word or running for a small plastic cup, remember Harper wore a shirt earlier in camp proclaiming he was “PED Free.”

If Harper can stay on the field — injuries limited him to 119 games in 2013 — he could be primed for the season we’ve all been waiting for from him. Either way, it’s good to see Harper still has room in for Thin Mints and Samoas.