Bryce Harper is Going to the Philadelphia Phillies on a Reported $330 Million Contract


Bryce Harper is finalizing a deal with the Philadelphia Phillies, according the ESPN’s Jeff Passan. This comes just one day after reported interest from the Giants to also give him a 10-year deal led to talk that the Phillies were in trouble. But it was really just Scott Boras doing his work to get Harper the contract. It took until nearly March for Harper to get signed, but he will be staying in the NL East.

He will be doing so by eventually getting the huge contract he wanted all along. The Phillies are reportedly giving him a $330 million deal over 13 years, according to Passan. That exceeds the $300 million deal that Manny Machado just received from the Padres, and also exceeds Giancarlo Stanton’s contract.

Bryce Harper will be 39 years old when this deal expires. No way that is going to lead to complaints in Philadelphia in the year 2029.

In the short term, though, this has to be discouraging for Nationals fans to lose Harper and now have to regularly watch him play their team.