Is It Okay to Break Up With Someone Via Bruce Buffer Cameo?

Stephen Douglas
Bruce Buffer
Bruce Buffer / Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Bruce Buffer is on Cameo. For $299 you can have the voice of the UFC octagon announce, well, whatever you want. Most people use it to send messages of love, encouragement, or congratulations in a unique way. Then there's the other stuff, like this one where Buffer announces that it is time for Kayleigh (or however you want to spell it) to move on.

If it is a breakup, man, that's cold. Is it worse than a text breakup? There's more money involved, but less actual communication. Maybe that was the problem. Who knows? Bruce Buffer does not give Kayleigh much to work with here! All we know is that if this is a breakup, it is over for reals this time. It is so over that this person was willing to spend three hundred bucks to have Bruce Buffer deliver the news on the Internet. That's some real finality.

If this wasn't a breakup, it could also have been for Kayleigh McEnany who will need to find a new job in five weeks. It could be from Jim Parsons to Kaley Cuoco telling her for the last time there will be no Big Bang Theory reunion. It could be anyone really. And that's why if you have a Kayleigh (or whatever) in your life, you should probably save this because it could come in handy.