VIDEO: Browns Safety Ronnie Harrison Ejected After Shoving Chiefs RB Coach Greg Lewis

Ronnie Harrison
Ronnie Harrison /

The Kansas City Chiefs host the Cleveland Browns today in an AFC Divisional round rematch to kick off both teams' 2021 season. It did not take long for the fireworks to start.

Browns safety Ronnie Harrison got tangled up on the sideline early in the first quarter. Chiefs running back coach Greg Lewis shoved Harrison off the pile, and Harrison responded by giving the coach a hefty shove in return. Harrison was ejected and the Chiefs were flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Harrison will probably be receiving a letter from the NFL later this week explaining what he did wrong and a fine on top of that. Lewis did shove him first, but the league does not abide players touching coaches while on the field of play.

An interesting start for both teams, and Cleveland will continue without their starting safety.