Browns Paint Giant Elf on Home Field

Liam McKeone
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The Cleveland Browns decided to switch things up this year and had fans vote for what they wanted painted at the 50-yard line of FirstEnergy Stadium. It had been blank for a few years since the Browns don't have a logo adorned on the side of their helmet like every other team in the NFL. The fans voted to have Brownie the Elf painted on the field, and today the team tweeted out the results of the grounds crew's hard work.

Personally, I would have preferred they painted just a helmet or something on there. Why not the bulldog that has been the team's official mascot for years?

This apparently was the Browns' mascot back in the World War II days after then-owner Mickey McBride decided the team needed some marketing. The Brownie elf is rooted in English folklore and was the type of elf that showed up to clean your house as long as you left a bowl of cream out for it.

Kind of horrifying to me. But it is, if anything, unique. And that's lacking in today's society!