Live Stream Airs Open Casket Visitation of Browns Mascot Swagger

Bobby Burack
Swagger's live stream wake.
Swagger's live stream wake. / Jamie Sabau/Getty Images
facebooktwitter aired a live stream of the showing for Swagger, the dog who was the Cleveland Browns' mascot, this afternoon. The beloved bullmastiff was the NFL's first live mascot. Swagger, 6, passed away February 7 after battling cancer.

Look, I love dogs as much as anyone. Often more than I do humans. So, I'm not going to give an opinion on this matter. Instead, I'm going to ask this question: Are wakes for dogs common?

The Cleveland Browns have had very few highlights and proud moments in the last decade. But the gloom, lack of hope, losses, and misery all went away when the energizing Swagger did his thing on the football field.