Browns Are Foolishly Changing Their Great Uniforms in 2020

Bobby Burack

In some unpleasant news today, Adam Schefter is reporting the Cleveland Browns will be ditching their current uniforms come the 2020 season.

As anyone who has watched the Browns lately knows, this is a major blow. Yeah, they are keeping the helmets, but the Browns have some of the best uniforms in all of sports. The colors stick out, the font pops, and dare I say, the jerseys are rather slimming for the big guys.

The brown top and bottom combination is even closing the gap on the Chargers’ all-time great powder blue uniforms. The orange is also a great choice for alternatives. Cleveland, as you can see, has even mastered the boring white by adding some flashy brown pants to it.

This is not to say the new uniforms will be ugly, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And these are not broke.