It Took Exactly One Shot For Jim Nantz to Apologize For Players Using the F-Word

Kyle Koster
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Golf is back. There are no fans. We can hear the players. It's a brand-new world. Our first step onto new terrain was a doozy.

After setting the stage for opening round action at the Charles Schwab Challenge, Jim Nantz threw it out to the course were Jon Rahm was attempting some short-game work. And succeeding at it.

Relative quiet allowed viewers at home to hear what players tell each other at a time like this. Apparently, they work blue.

Pretty incredible that this happened on the first moment of action after a long layoff. On the bright side, they got the inevitable language out of the way early.

Nantz, always a pro, moved on quickly and efficiently. You can't teach that type of presence.