Brooks Koepka Removes PGA Tour From Twitter Bio, LIV Move Next?

Brooks Koepka, 122nd U.S. Open Championship - Round Two
Brooks Koepka, 122nd U.S. Open Championship - Round Two / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages

Brooks Koepka had the Internet abuzz on Monday when he removed "PGA Tour" from his Twitter bio. Immediately speculation swirled that a move to LIV Golf was imminent.

Here's what Koepka's bio looked like after the change Monday night:

And here's what it looked like earlier in the day:

On Monday evening, Golf Magazine's Dylan Dethier reported LIV Golf was planning to announce two more signings on Tuesday. The timeline fits a little too well.

When asked about the LIV situation and its impact on the world of golf prior to the U.S. Open, Koepka didn't seem to want to discuss it. While Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm and others offered full-throated defenses of the PGA, Koepka seemed almost angry to be having to talk about it.

Here's what he said about it:

I mean, did he expect to not be asked about the biggest story in the sport? If he was planning a move to LIV that defensive response would make a ton of sense.

Until we hear from Koepka, we'll just be left to speculate.