Did Jim Nantz Make a LIV Joke During Sunday Masters Broadcast?

Brooks Koepka
Brooks Koepka / Andrew Redington/GettyImages

LIV golfers were allowed to participate in this year's Masters tournament and Brooks Koepka stands to gain the most of all his cohorts. Koepka got off to a scalding start at Augusta in the first two rounds and entered Sunday morning comfortably in the lead. He was a few shots ahead of Jon Rahm late into his third round when Jim Nantz appeared to make a LIV crack on the broadcast.

Koepka's third shot on No. 15 was short and left his ball sitting on the crosswalk leading up to the green. As Koepka approached Nantz said, "There he is right on the CW. The crosswalk."

LIV, of course, struck a rights deal with CW earlier this year to broadcast its tournaments. Viewership is struggling anyway, to say the least.

If you squint you can see this as a shady comment but it is probably not that. At worst it's a bad pun and the way Nantz said very clearly that he meant the crosswalk afterwards makes it seem like he didn't even make the bad pun on purpose.

Just a fun coincidence. Unless....