Brooks Koepka Continues to Fuel Bryson DeChambeau Feud Through Free Beer

Brooks Koepka
Brooks Koepka / Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The Brooks Koepka-Bryson DeChambeau feud has the sports world buzzing about golf to a surprising degree. Even those who don't follow golf are talking about it. And it all started with that one fateful leaked interview video.

This story got another chapter when DeChambeau was using security to kick out any fans who called him "Brooksy" at The Memorial tournament this weekend. Koepka isn't playing at the tournament but noticed what was happening and saw his opportunity to dump some fuel on the fire. He took to Twitter and said any fan who had been kicked out of the tournament would receive a free case of beer, courtesy of Michelob Ultra.

Just excellent stuff. It's more than a little lame of DeChambeau to get fans kicked out of the tournament just because he can't handle a little heckling. I understand that heckling from fans isn't as acceptable in golf as in other sports and what have you, but come on. Have a sense of humor.

This whole thing has transformed from a poorly-kept Tour secret to open dislike and active trolling. Gotta love it.