Brooklyn Grinds to Halt as Two Bus Drivers Re-Enact 'Seinfeld' Parking Space Episode


Two MTA bus drivers, fueled by an undying and understandable love of The Parking Space, the 22nd episode of Seinfeld's third season, have teamed up to bring even more chaos to the Brooklyn streets. And honestly, it's a beautiful homage. A fresh new take on a classic, with all the honking and anger of the original but with a nod to our modern times, in which everything must be documented for social media.

Here's the scene. It's unclear which driver is in the right and which is not. In the end, it doesn't really matter. The commute is ruined and people are blocked in and everyone is shouting at everyone else.

New York is healing.

Hopefully, this never gets resolved. Leave the buses there as a monument to humanity. Beautiful, insightful stuff. Get a guy to dress up like Mike Moffitt and sign autographs. See if Kramer can swing by to congratulate women on being pregnant when they aren't.

UPDATE: Sham Tarek, a deputy communications director at the MTA, provided this statement to The Big Lead: “While this very New York traffic jam should have been resolved more professionally, a significant cause of the gridlock appears to be an illegally parked minivan and shipping container. This is an illustration of why well-enforced bus priority and street parking regulations are so critical to the smooth operation of our buses -- we will be in touch with local authorities to ensure that this is not a chronic troublespot.”