Brooke Baldwin Was Emotional As She Signed Off From CNN For the Final Time

Brooke Baldwin signs off of CNN for the final time
Brooke Baldwin signs off of CNN for the final time /

Brooke Baldwin signed off from CNN for the last time on Friday. After more than a decade as an anchor for CNN Newsroom with Brook Baldwin, she's departing the cable news world. In her final segment, she got emotional and pushed for more diverse voices in journalism, both on the ground and at the executive level.

Here's what she had to say as she signed off:

I'm not sure anyone can argue with that message. Journalism needs more diverse perspectives if we hope to cover the entire spectrum of American life.

Baldwin joined CNN in 2008 and work out of CNN's headquarters in Atlanta until 2014. That year, her show was moved to New York City, where it has been based ever since. She released her first book, "HUDDLE: How Women Unlock Their Collective Power" this month.

We'll see what she does next, but I doubt Baldwin will be disappearing from the public view completely.