Bronny James is a Man

Brian Giuffra
Bronny James.
Bronny James. / Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Look at the picture above. Soak it in. Savor it. Hopefully LeBron James did too. Because Bronny James isn't a babyfaced adolescent anymore. Less than nine months after the photo above was taken, Bronny has transformed into a man thanks to the magic power of puberty.

Photos were posted of LeBron James and his son Bronny training in the gym on the eve of Thanksgiving and the world was blown away by the development of one of the most famous young athletes in the world.

Not only does Bronny (far right in the photo above) look large compared to his ultra-large father currently, he also is starting to resemble his father in high school.

Genes matter when it comes to physical development and it appears Bronny has inherited his father's. Hashtag blessed.

Bronny James is the 24th ranked recruit in ESPN's Top 25 for the Class of 2023. There has been talk that LeBron wants to play in the NBA long enough to join whatever team drafts his son whenever, if ever, he turns pro. Based on Bronny's currently development, that may come sooner than ever expected.