Broncos Twitter Can't Believe Experts Would Doubt a Team Winning a Third of Its Games

Stephen Douglas
The Broncos celebrate yet another victory.
The Broncos celebrate yet another victory. / Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos beat the Miami Dolphins on Sunday to improve to 4-6 on the season. It was their second win in five weeks. They are in third place in the AFC West and if you can do the math, have won only 40 percent of their games this season. So you know what that means — it's time to dunk on the haters who were so dumb for betting against a 3-6 team in November.

Ah ha ha. Look at those people! So-called experts. Do they know nothing about football!? They must not! Why else would they pick the favorite to win? What a farce. How dare they not believe in Drew Lock and Tim Patrick! You have to wonder if they picked a single game right all season. Probably not.

Probably not because as the tweet mentions, "They never learn." If these "experts" had picked against the Broncos every week this year - which they probably did because they obviously did not learn — then they only would have been right 60 percent of the time. And we all know that 60 percent of the time the Broncos win every time.

So go ahead, brain geniuses. I dare you to pick against the Broncos again this weekend when they host the New Orleans Saints. Or the week after when they visit Kansas City to play the Chiefs who aren't even undefeated! Unless you've finally learned your lesson to never pick against the Broncos in the 40 percent of the games they win every week.