The Broncos Just Ran the Worst Flea-Flicker of All-Time

Ryan Phillips
The Denver Broncos botch a flea flicker
The Denver Broncos botch a flea flicker /

The Denver Broncos just ran the worst flea flicker of all-time. As they trailed the Kansas City Chiefs 24-9 early in the third quarter, they attempted a trick play to get things going. It didn't work.

Quarterback Drew Lock lined up under center at Denver's 43-yard line, and handed the ball to running back Melvin Gordon. Gordon stopped as he approached the offensive line, turned and tossed the ball back to Lock for a classic flea flicker. Unfortunately the ball was way too high and Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark scooped it up at the 28-yard line and and it to Denver's 14.

The play showed a staggering level of ineptitude. Check it out:

First off, what was Gordon doing? Second, this was a horrible call on 1st and 10 from the 43. Lock had just completed back-to-back passes for first downs, they were already moving the ball. They didn't need to break out a trick play at that point.

The Chiefs wound up getting a field goal and currently lead 27-9.