Brock Osweiler Hit From Behind, Eschews Fighting Back in Pizza Shop Altercation

Ryan Glasspiegel

Brock Osweiler was hit from behind in a bizarre altercation at a Scottsdale pizza joint early Saturday morning. He did not fight back. TMZ has the back story:

"During the pizza run, we’re told Brock was heckled by another group — and things got heated. One woman tries to confront Brock’s wife and Brock uses a stiff arm to push her away. Brock then tries to gather his crew to get into a waiting car to leave the situation."

"But one of the men in the other party didn’t like that Brock made physical contact with his lady — and shoved Brock in the back hard."

As you can see in the video, Osweiler, who is rumored to have been offered a 3-year contract worth $45 million by Denver (guaranteed money numbers, which are what really matters, are thus far undisclosed), restrained himself. His accountant surely approves of the decision.

Nevertheless, it is presumable that Osweiler’s physical contact with the woman who confronted his wife will be reviewed by the NFL.