Britney Spears Inadvertently Hit Herself in the Face In Wembanyama Security Incident, According to Police


The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced no charges would be filed in relation to the Britney Spears-Victor Wembanyama security incident. After an investigation, which included reviewing video, police determined Spears inadvertently "hit herself in the face" when one of Wembanyama's security guards pushed her hand away from the NBA star.

Video of the incident is below:

As is visible, Spears runs up to Wembanyama attempting to get his attention and touches his shoulder. One of the security guards pushes her hand away and it winds up hitting her in the face. Her sunglasses come off, but she isn't knocked to the ground as she initially claimed.

It's clear the security guard had no idea who she was and Wembanyama seems totally unaware of the incident other than the fact that someone touched him. It would seem this is just an unfortunate accident and no one was really acting egregiously. Maybe the security guard should have been softer in his reaction, but someone touched his client and he's not supposed to allow that to happen.

It just seems like a misunderstanding all the way around, not an assault.

Wembanyama will make his Summer League debut Friday night.