British Cricket Fans Reacting to a BBC Sport Tweet About an MLB Highlight is Absolute Scenes

Clint Frazier practicing his craft using an oversized oven mitt.
Clint Frazier practicing his craft using an oversized oven mitt. / Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Clint Frazier made an incredible diving catch on Sunday to rob Jordan Luplow of an extra-base hit in the New York-Cleveland match. The catch was posted to the @MLBEurope Twitter account. Eventually, @BBCSport picked up the video and that's where things really took off.

With nine million followers it's no surprise there there were some people who were going to argue the catch wasn't that impressive, but when you factor in the Britishness of the responses, it got pretty incredible pretty fast. English cricket fans were impressed with Fraziers use of a "bucket" or "oversized oven glove" to make the catch.

Other responses included:

"Easy catch...those gloves are massive"

"Wow he caught that with a glove on what a legend"

"He’s got a glove the size of a bloody dustbin lid - it’s an ok catch if you factor that in...."

"Take the glove off and I would respect this"

"Ffs wuss. Real men dont need mitts"

And finally, the ultimate Internet sports fan comment about any highlight:

"Spectacular shag, but they still lost"

Baseball fans have since taken up arms to defend the honor of both Frazier and baseball with pictures of cricketers using gloves and accusations of self-inflated athletic prowess by other posters.