Brian Windhorst Was Right, Tim Hardaway Jr. Did Address Derek Fisher Rumors On-Record


On Thursday, we relayed a segment from an ESPN podcast where Brian Windhorst recalled that former Knick Tim Hardaway Jr. had gone on record to address rumors that he and his coach last season Derek Fisher had been involved with the same woman. We couldn’t find any instance of those comments initially, but, evidently, they did happen.

Buried in a Filip Bondy story in the New York Daily News, based on a since-deleted Instagram photo showing Fisher on vacation with Matt Barnes’ ex-wife, was this quote:

"“I’ve seen those. No reaction over here. I know all those are lies. They are going to do whatever they can, especially here in New York (with the media),” Hardaway told reporters earlier this season. "

"“So I am not even worried about that. I had a talk with my girlfriend. If you ask me, it is not true at all. I am completely positive with her judgment and what she said.”"

The quote isn’t cited as having been from a specific date, but the “here in New York” part of it implies an Atlanta road game. The Hawks have played in New York twice this season—on October 29th and January 3rd. FWIW, an NY Post story with the same quote pegs it as having come from the Fall. Who knew the NY tabloids had the restraint to stay away from something like this in their notebooks?