Brian Windhorst Tells Danny Green to His Face That He Might Be Traded

Ryan Phillips

Brian Windhorst takes no prisoners in his work as an NBA insider for ESPN. The king of memes in 2022, was at it again this week.

During Friday's episode of NBA Today, Windhorst was discussing how well positioned the Memphis Grizzlies are for the present and future. He then mentioned that they could make moves to add as the trade deadline approaches. One of those moves could be sending Danny Green and a first-round pick in exchange for a veteran. The noteworthy part? Green was sitting right next to Windhorst.

Check this out:

That's awkward, but I think both guys handled it well.

Green is out after undergoing ACL surgery last May. He is certainly a "tradeable piece" as someone who is making $10 million this season on an expiring contract. That would make him attractive to teams looking to shed salary, especially if a first-round pick is attached in a deal.

I'm sure Green is aware of all of that, but having it explained to him live on television had to be a trip.