Brian Windhorst: NBA Could Suspend Operations if a Player Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Brian Windhorst during an appearance on ESPN's "Get Up"
Brian Windhorst during an appearance on ESPN's "Get Up" /

Brian Windhorst painted a bleak picture of what the next few months could look like for the NBA during an appearance on Get Up Wednesday morning.

Based on his feelings after a conference call between league owners, Windhorst said that the league would likely have to suspend operations if a player tested positive for coronavirus.

Here's the segment in question:

That is a bombshell revelation.

Windhorst said the NBA has every option on the table, but if things get really bad, it may have to suspend operations. That would be absolutely devastating to the league from a ratings and revenue standpoint. The league is also considering moving games to neutral sites to stay away from areas where outbreaks are occurring, and playing in empty arenas.

Obviously this is unprecedented and every business and workplace is dealing with the coronavirus threat as best they can. It's begun impacting everyone, so it was going to have an effect on major sports leagues. But the idea that an entire league would simply shut down is still shocking.

We'll see how this plays out over the next few days. As more cities and states encourage their citizens to stay home, the impact on sporting events will become more clear clear.