Brian Windhorst Angers Hotel Neighbor With Early 'Get Up' Appearance


Brian Windhorst was on Get Up Monday morning from Phoenix, which meant a very early call time. Apparently, his neighbor in the hotel was clearly not an ESPN viewer or a fan of being woken up before 7 a.m. by a broadcast in the next room. Things may or may not have gotten heated.

The subject came up because Windhorst had a very soft voice on the broadcast. Host Brian Custer asked him about it, and Windy gave the following explanation.

So, basically, Windhorst's neighbor seems to have threatened fury if he didn't keep it down. Windhorst is attempting to comply by awkwardly whispering his way through an appearance.

Custer, Vince Carter and Jay Williams absolutely losing it while Windhorst completely deadpanned the explanation was just fantastic television.

Stay safe, Brian.