Brian Kilmeade's Brain Stops Working While Hosting Tucker Carlson's Old Show


Brian Kilmeade got the first crack at replacing Tucker Carlson on Fox News' coveted 8 p.m. slot. It's been an up-and-down week for the 58-year-old and on Friday things came to a screeching halt. At one point it appeared there was a glitch in the Maxtrix that is Kilmeade's brain.

When heading to break, Kilmeade basically said exactly what would happen as they went to commercial. But not, like, "We'll be back after a commercial." He said, "We have more in just a moment, the music is going to get loud, graphics are going to come in, then I'm going to say something when I come back."

Check it out:

Uh, yeah, Brian, we know how TV works. Do you? Because I'm seriously starting to question that. It seems that hosting this show for a week may have broken his brain.

It felt like a Ron Burgundy moment.