Video of Brian Kelly's Good-Bye Speech to Notre Dame Leaked

Liam McKeone
Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Brian Kelly's swift exit from Notre Dame to head south and coach LSU has been the top story in college football this week. Kelly has faced a lot of heat for not telling his players he was leaving before it was leaked to the press. Whether or not that heat is justified is in the eyes of the beholder, but Kelly has been under fire for one thing in particular: his good-bye meeting.

Sunday was the day the world learned Kelly was going to LSU. The coach then called a 7 a.m. meeting on Tuesday to say good-bye to his players. Reports circulated about the length and substance of the meeting, but now we have concrete answers. A Notre Dame player recorded the meeting and leaked it to Barstool Sports. Kelly's speech lasted about four minutes. Here is the video.

I mean... it's fine? It's fairly cookie-cutter, but everything he's saying comes across as genuine. It is interesting he never actually said LSU, merely alluding to it, but I guess it didn't really have to be since everyone already knew going into the meeting what was happening.

Kelly will probably get slammed for this, too, but there's probably nothing more he could have done. He's leaving the program he built over the last 12 years and the players he's recruited. That sucks for the school and those players. No doubt about it. But it's how the system works. This speech is all Kelly can and should be expected to do.