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Did Brian Kelly Fake a Southern Accent When He Addressed LSU Fans For the First Time?

Stephen Douglas
LSU Introduces Brian Kelly as Head Football Coach
LSU Introduces Brian Kelly as Head Football Coach / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

Brian Kelly was introduced as the new head football coach of the LSU Tigers on Wednesday after he just accepted the job earlier this week in a move that shocked (and appalled) the college football world. His introduction included addressing the fans at halftime of Wednesday's LSU - Ohio basketball game. Below is a clip of that introduction and... I'm sorry, but do you detect a bit of a Southern accent?

Many people on Twitter are suggesting that Kelly affected a Southern drawl here. Considering he was born just outside Boston, went to college in Worcester, Massachusettes and then moved to Michigan for two decades... well, where did he pick it up? Perhaps in those short years at Cincinnati?

Has he been talking like this the entire time he was at Notre Dame and no one ever noticed? Seems unlikely. He certainly didn't sound like that during his very short goodbye speech to the Fighting Irish on Wednesday morning. Perhaps LSU had a dialect coach on the plane with him yesterday. Or maybe this is just what happens when you eat Creole food for the first time. Only time will tell, ya'll.