Brian Flores Explained Why He Turned Down the $100K Loss Bonuses on 'Get Up'

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New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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Brian Flores made the media rounds this morning, a day after dropping a lawsuit against the NFL for racist hiring practices. Flores appeared on Get Up alongside his lawyers to be interviewed by Mike Greenberg. Asked about the charge that Stephen Ross offered him $100,000 per loss, Flores said he would never accept it. Not just for the players, but the support staff and everyone else who works for the team.

Hue Jackson also claims that he was financially incentivized to lose games while in Cleveland. In addition, Flores' lawyers say other coaches have contacted them about similar offers.

Flores' lawyers told Greenberg that the former Dolphins coach has been compared to Rosa Parks, which people will certainly bristle at. A comparison people might be more comfortable with is Colin Kaepernick. Flores is ready to never coach again, but is hopeful his coming forward will effect change.