Brian Flores Was Furious After His Defenseless Punt Returner Got Lit Up

Stephen Douglas
Brian Flores
Brian Flores / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins - Cincinnati Bengals game got very chippy on Sunday. First the shoving match that lead to the ejection of Tyler Boyd and Xavien Howard. Then in the fourth quarter, with the Dolphins holding a 12-point lead, Cincy's Mike Thomas lowered his shoulder and hit Dolphins punt returner Jakeem Grant well before the ball arrived. Thomas just put his head down and hoped for the best. Instead, Grant was left on his back while another shoving match broke out on the sideline.

Dolphins' coach Brian Flores was rightly incensed and had to be held back as he marched across the field screaming. DeVante Parker and Mack Hollins would be ejected. Somehow, Thomas who clearly made the decision to destroy a helpless opponent, was not.

The overhead shot (embedded below) of the fight shows DeVante Parker throwing punches.

Parker should be looking at a suspension.