Brian Daboll Cannot Walk on Water, For Those Wondering

Liam McKeone
Brian Daboll
Brian Daboll / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

Brian Daboll's excellent first season as head coach got even better on Sunday. His New York Giants defeated the Minnesota Vikings on the road in a quality wall-to-wall victory that exemplified how a roster can be greater than the sum of its parts when a smart mind is at the helm. Giants fans are over the moon after years of depressing Sundays, and Daboll is already at folk hero status in Year 1.

To prove this point, I present today's Giants press conference in which Daboll was asked if he could do the things Jesus did. He said he could not walk on water but did not answer the loaves question, which leaves the door open for many possibilities.

Very disappointing development that we won't see Daboll walking across the Hudson anytime soon. But if the Giants make it past the Eagles next weekend then anything is possible.