Brian Anderson on The Match II, Tiger and Phil's Unfulfilled Punishments, and Tom Brady Changing Pants Off-Camera

TNT's Brian Anderson.
TNT's Brian Anderson. / Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Brian Anderson had a front-row seat for the best live sporting event since coronavirus shut down the country in March. The Match II, featuring Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning playing a golf match against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady, was a hit from a ratings, fundraising, competition and broadcasting perspective. As the play-by-play orchestrator of TNT's production, Anderson knows just how hard it was to pull off (he called it a miracle) and what happened behind-the-scenes that no one knows about until now.

Anderson joined In My Bag to discuss everything about The Match II, play Would You Rather (great Tiger vs Phil betting story there) and to add to his Wikipedia page. Here's what we discussed and timestamps, with the video below.

- How close they were to postponing the event because of weather (0:54).

- After-match party (6:10)

- Tom Brady changing his pants behind a tee marker after he split them (29:26).

- His reaction to Justin Thomas calling Charles Barkley fat ass on TV. (14:30)

- Losers' punishments Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson considered but didn't execute (34:53).

- What it would be like betting against Tiger or Phil in golf (33:45).

- His former life as a camera operator, which included filming Selena's final live performance before her tragic death (37:34).

The full video: