Umpire Marty Foster Makes Comically Bad Call

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Isan Diaz appeared to get the Miami Marlins on the board this afternoon against Milwaukee with an RBI tap-out to pitcher Zack Godley. The Brewers pitcher made an underhanded toss to first base for a routine out and his momentum took him about two feet from the foul line. For reasons that remain unclear to both myself and the baseball community as a whole, though, first base umpire Marty Foster decided that there'd been obstruction on the play and awarded Diaz free passage to the bag.

Look, I'm an umpire guy. Always have been always will be. These guys are constantly blasted from all directions even though they are incredibly good at their jobs. But when you have Brian Anderson taking you to task for blowing a call, then, well, you've really done it.

Anderson is completely correct. The only reason to make a call like this is because you want to make it. You're looking for something that's not there. Which is a lot harder than simply looking for the stuff that is there. Take it from any retired paranormal cop. Or anyone still looking for the zebra that left a footprint that looks just like it came from a horse.