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Fox Sports Putting Up Billboard Celebrating Brewers Fans in Chicago

Kyle Koster

The Milwaukee Brewers made it through a grueling and competitive Ultimate Fan Bracket. And to the victors go the spoils. This time, in addition to pride, the Crew will get the satisfaction of seeing a billboard trumpeting their passion go up in downtown Chicago in time for the Brewers' next trip to Wrigley Field. This all could have prevented if Chicago fans were more involved. Though, having two teams in the city tends to split the vote.

Fox Sports has previously trolled Foxborough, Mass. with a Bills mafia billboard and Durham, N.C. with a North Carolina sign. They simply love twisting the knife in the backs of fans who didn't bother to get out and vote. One way to raise the stakes.

It's a small lighthearted jab and reminds us all of the unique power a billboard can have. It's one of the few things people can't turn off. In fifty years we'll still have them along our flying-car highways. Something comforting there.