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Milwaukee Brewers Booth Does a Little Improv, Laughs Ensue

Kyle Koster
Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Bally Sports Wisconsin cameras captured a seemingly pleasant duo taking in the Milwaukee Brewers-St. Louis Cardinals game on Wednesday night, providing the perfect opportunity for the booth of Brian Anderson and Bill Schroeder to show their impressive improv chops.

The scene, which may or may not have mirrored what was actually happening in those seats, was this: the gentleman in the extremely fresh powder blue throwback jersey was telling his neighbor about past baseball exploits. Those Glory Days every sportswriter's favorite artists are always singing about.

They got into it, going back and forth in the true spirit of saying, "yes and." Anderson and Schroeder clearly had a hell of a time slipping into that mode and the work product is some high-level baseball broadcast.


Now, I don't know what the standard for performance is to get to be on one of those Holey Moly or Shaq Vs. shows is right now but this banter has to be good enough to warrant serious consideration for a future gig in the sector. Both of those voices in the booth should have been on the phone with their agents yesterday to discuss how to make this project happen.