Brett Maher Extra Point Blocked by Niners, But He Might Have Missed Anyway


The Dallas Cowboys took a 6-3 lead over the San Francisco 49ers in the second quarter of their NFL Divisional Round matchup today. That's when the world stopped spinning and everyone turned their attention to Cowboys kicker Brett Maher who missed four extra points last week in the Wild Card Round. And that's when Maher's extra point attempt was blocked.

Unbelievable bad luck. Or was it? Upon further review it kind of looked like Maher was going to miss the kick left as it was kicked on the left hash mark and did not appear to be headed in the right direction. As he watched the replay, FOX's Greg Olsen said he thought the kick might have missed by 10 feet if it hadn't been blocked.

We'll need some sports science to be sure, but it certainly wasn't the confidence-builder that Maher needed to start the game today. Not after he needed a pep talk from Jerry Jones because things were going so poorly during warm-ups.